The Icon™ MaxYs™ laser offers a quick and easy solution for hair removal and sun damage. At Rejuva Medical Aesthetics, we are happy to introduce the new Icon™ MaxYs™ laser to treat mild and severe sun damage in addition to eliminating hair on small areas of the body like the face and arms.

Treatment with the Icon MaxYs

The Icon™ MaxYs™ laser has been carefully designed for permanent hair removal and the treatment of pigmented lesions on the skin. Using controlled light energy, the Icon™ MaxYs™ laser delivers heat to the skin that causes pigmented skin tissue to break down and fade.

When used for hair removal, the laser targets source of the hair, preventing the body from growing hair post-treatment. Icon™ MaxYs™ treatment is best for targeting sun damage on the chest and arms but is extremely effective for removing hair from the arms and the face (chin, upper lip, etc.)

Laser treatments using the Icon™ MaxYs™ laser also result in an increase in the production of collagen, a protein in the body that helps skin strengthen and remain healthy.

What to Expect from Icon MaxYsTreatment

Patients find the Icon™ MaxYs™ laser tolerable. The treatment is generally performed in 30 minutes or less, although, each patients’ appointment length can will vary depending on the area of concern.

The Icon™ MaxYs™ is a popular treatment because there is no downtime required after your appointment.

Are You a Good Candidate for Icon MaxYsTreatment?

If you are looking for an easy way to remove fine hairs on the body or treat sun damage, you may be a good candidate for Icon™ MaxYs™. To learn more about Icon™ MaxYs™ or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation, contact Rejuva Medical Aesthetics today.

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