Restylane Defyne in Los Angeles, CA

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“Restylane® Refyne and Restylane® Defyne are the latest FDA-approved advancements in HA dermal fillers and align with Galderma’s mission to help individuals achieve natural-looking results through treatments with a long-standing history of proven safety and efficacy,”

Kelly Huang, PhD

What Does It Do?

With over 30 million treatments around the world and growing fast, Restylane® Refyne and Defyne is a popular new procedure that knocks off years from your face. It is a line of hyaluronic acid fillers that helps smooth away wrinkles to encourage a young and rejuvenated skin. It also helps create fuller lips and volume to cheeks. Results are extremely long-lasting and non-permanent. Once you receive your initial treatment, you may not need to see a doctor for Restylane® for more than ten years.

Is It Safe?

Restylane® is approved by the FDA for people above the age of 21. These approved procedures include lip injections, cheek augmentation and correction, mid-face contour correction, lip augmentation, moderate to severe wrinkle correction, and nasolabial folds. If you have a history of severe allergies or prone to bleeding, you should consult multiple doctors before undergoing the surgery. The most commonly observed side effects are swelling, redness, pain, bruising, headache, tenderness, lump formation, and itching at the injection site. These are typically mild in severity and typically resolve in less than 7 days in nasolabial folds and less than 14 days in lips. Serious but rare side effects include delayed onset infections, recurrence of herpetic eruptions, and superficial necrosis at the injection site.

Refyne and Defyne Today

Restylane® Refyne and Defyne is becoming a huge hit around the globe and has recently been introduced to the United States market. With summer right around the corner, rejuvenate your skin with Restylane® Refyne and Defyne today.

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