At Rejuva Medical Aesthetics we specialize in fixing both mother nature’s occasional hiccups as well as the mistakes we make along the way, which sometimes means clearing up the occasional unwanted tattoo.

Tattoos have surged in popularity in recent years while previously in history tattoos were used to primarily to mark and identify prisoners and detainees. Boy, have we come a long way when it comes to body art! Nowadays we actually have cultures that specialize in tribal body art and it seems like it’s more than a trend these days. Actually, it’s a lifestyle.

One thing we want our patients to know is that, unlike in earlier times in history, a tattoo is no longer written in stone. Below are some of the most common reasons that patients explore a tattoo removal procedure at Rejuva Medical Aesthetics.

1.) Because Your Tattoo is No Longer in Style

Barbed wire cuffed around the sleeve anyone? How about a butterfly on the lower back? We’ve seen many tattoos come into the public zeitgeist and make a swift exit due to too many people getting said tattoo. Basically, if you’re choosing a tattoo out of one of the artist’s books at the shop, you might want to go with something a little more original.

2.) Because of a Defunct Relationship

Many of us have been guilty of making choices in the heat of passion, and, unfortunately, getting a tattoo is often one of them. If there is no longer a “Rhonda Forever” in your life, we can help you get rid of that — no questions asked!

3.) To Improve Job Search Candidacy

Unfortunately, there are still a number of employers out there who have a negative stigma when it comes to tattoos. For such employers, it’s probably not a good idea to have a face tattoo, or, say, anything that can’t be concealed under long sleeves. If you have a tattoo in an ostentatious place keeping you out of a new potential career, we can help!

4.) For the Blank Canvas Effect

Believe it or not, some tattoo enthusiasts get a tattoo removed to make room for… you guessed it! Another tattoo!

5.) Because It’s Just an UGLY Tattoo

Yep, some people want to get a tattoo removed for the simple reason that it’s HIDEOUS.

If any of the reasons mentioned above ring true to you, contact Rejuva Medical Aesthetics today. We have a long track record of clearing up even the most bothersome tattoos.

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