At Rejuva Medical Aesthetics we offer procedures that help bring out the best possible version of you. Body sculpting is one of the innovative treatments we offer that can help you achieve that end — all without resorting to any time spent under the knife.

Body sculpting is popular among our diverse patient base because of the treatment’s ability to both reshape and tighten problem areas of the body, areas that sag or loosen as we advance in age, areas that are even resistant to a healthy diet and consistent exercise.

Below are a few reasons you should consider body sculpting.

1.) Body Sculpting is Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical!

Body sculpting is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes deep tissue heating technology that eliminates the body’s fat cells which are then disposed of through the body’s natural processes.

2.) You Can Get it Done in One Visit!

Body sculpting can be done in most cases within an hour. It’s a completely outpatient procedure, which means that you get to go home right after we perform your body sculpting treatment. You’ll also be free to conduct your daily activities and nobody has to know about the procedure unless you decide to tell them!

3.) Your Body Sculpting Results Actually Improve Over Time

Results from your body sculpting treatment will often be noticeable immediately and will improve over time as fat cells die off and get processed through the body.

The cost of body sculpting varies from patient to patient. We take into consideration chosen procedure, whether additional treatments will be performed as a part of your custom-tailored treatment, as well as the area of the body being treated.

We can discuss more with you during your consultation, where we’ll go over the procedure in full and answer any questions you may have.

If you think you could benefit from a body sculpting procedure in Los Angeles, contact Rejuva Medical Aesthetics today. We have a long track record of achieving ambitious aesthetic enhancement results.