Rejuva has our client base in mind as we close out spring and head into the summer season. As technology advances, more and more of our patients are seeking out non-invasive,
non-surgical options to transform their body and reveal their sleeker, slimmer selves.

It’s an unfortunate reality that many of us (despite living healthy and active lifestyles) have trouble areas that seem to hold onto fat more than others. This could mean the belly, the thighs, the chin, and under the arms, most commonly.

In just 25 minutes, less than the time you take off for your lunch break, you will be on your way to a trimmer, slimmer frame. SculpSure boasts a 90% patient satisfaction rate.

What is SculpSure Exactly?

SculpSure is an exciting, new, easy way to help patients achieve a slimmer frame without that
“Worked-on” look that so many plastic surgeons and patients want to avoid. It’s a great supplement to any sort of active lifestyle. When paired with a healthy, vegetable-based, low-processed carb, low sugar diet.

No Surgery. No Downtime. Simply Undeniable Results

SculpSure is now cleared by the FDA for its ability to reduce stubborn chin fat as well. We give nearly total body coverage to our patients who wish to look and feel better.

SculpSure works by destroying the body’s fat cells by raising their temperature, which diminishes their structure. A SculpSure treatment continues to work over the next 3 months, processing fat cells and eliminating them with your body’s own natural lymphatic system.

The fat cells that we’re able to remove cannot regenerate, either. You’ll start seeing results in as quick as 6 weeks, while the full force of your SculpSure results can be seen at the 12 week mark.

What Does SculpSure Feel Like?

At the start of treatment, you’ll start to feel a gentle, soothing cooling sensation. This aspect of the treatment helps keep the skin comfortable while you’re undergoing treatment with Rejuva. We keep the cooling process commencing for the entire treatment the during laser cycles that raise fat cell temperature.

Most of our patients report feeling deep warmth and a tingling sensation during treatment. SculpSure is generally well-tolerated across a wide swath of our client base.

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