TeensHollywood stars are regularly viewed as icons among teenagers for physical beauty. Constant exposure to the seemingly perfect appearance of Hollywood stars can pressure teenagers to desire plastic surgery procedures. Although many parents may be wary when it comes to plastic surgery for their teens, this is a generalized belief and should be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Is it Appropriate?

In today’s modern society, teenagers can face a lot of self-esteem issues based on their bodies and how they look compared to others. With the pressures of today’s Hollywood culture to look a certain way, some experience lack of confidence or social withdrawals. Provided that his or her expectations are plausible, plastic surgery is a great tool that can be used to re-instill confidence among teenagers.

What are the Options?

Most plastic surgery procedures that are available to adults are also available to teenagers, including nose surgery (i.e., rhinoplasty) and ear surgery (i.e., otoplasty). In fact, if the procedure alleviates medical symptoms, such as a septoplasty to relieve breathing complications, insurance coverage may be applicable.

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