Medical tourists, whether from the middle east or anywhere around the globe for that matter, shop around the world for the newest and latest facial treatments and procedures that will help them take years off of their complexion. Often, their search puts them in touch with Rejuva Medical Aesthetics.

More and more women ages 18 to 70 are looking to erase the effects of time and be proactive about their beauty and skincare routines. Staying on top of your complexion and minimizing the effects of aging, toxins in the environment, harmful UV rays, and more will help women in general enjoy more youthful-looking skin year-round.

Read on for a few treatments that will that will help make a brighter holiday season for our patients and their complexions.

1.) Morpheus8

Morpheus8 is the new and improved version of Fractora. Call it the new Fractora, if you like, but this is a quicker, easier, less painful treatment with less downtime involved. Morpheus8 also works deeper into the skin and can be utilized on all skin types.

This fractional skin treatment will help stimulate your own natural collagen production when it comes to the underlying dermis layers. Since Morpheus8 targets the deeper layers of your skin, building blocks are able to reorganize themselves to boost natural anti-aging benefits.

2.) PRF: Why it Beats PRP

The long-term efficacy of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) has long been of interest to medical professionals due to its ability to restore lost volume, especially around the eyes.

Think of PRF as the next gen PRP treatment. PRF has has the following benefits over PRP:

  • More Growth Factors
  • Longer Duration of Growth Factor Release
  • Contains Stem Cells

Just like PRP, PRF is taken straight from your own blood, but is centrifuged at a lower speed technique for the maximum harvesting of a greater number of beneficial cells. Added benefits include collagen stimulation at site of implementation, can be used effectively for scar therapy, and also restores hair where hair follicles are still present but have been inactive. PRF treatments also boast an improved healing time when compared to ablative laser treatments.

3.) NovaThreads for a Softer Appearance

Those who are looking for something more than a filler yet still need to soften their jowls, diminish nasolabial folds, or work on the midface or lower third region of the face should consider Nova Threads. This exciting, non-invasive treatment involves a preloaded needle that is inserted into the skin, leaving absorbable surgical sutures that are made of polydioxanone thread, which is biocompatible and gets absorbed naturally.

Your skin will gently begin to react to these targeted threads, which ends up stimulating collagen production in areas that have experienced volume loss or folding.

Nova Threads helps achieve a more natural appearance while also avoiding the “overfilled” look — all while stimulating your own natural collagen production! Nova Threads have been shown to be very effective — even in combination with fillers.

If you have any questions about our Medical Tourism services as well as our latest treatments and techniques in facial rejuvenation, contact Rejuva Medical Aesthetics today. We’re here to introduce women of all ages and from all over the globe to a new generation of aesthetic enhancement treatments that will bring out the best possible version of you.

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