It is with much excitement that we announce our very own Dr. Kian has been named one of Indiana University’s “Top 20 Under 40” Alumni.

Helping Patients Achieve their Best Selves

Kian Karimi MD, FACS is a Double-Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Head & Neck Surgeon, not to mention the Medical Director and Founder of Rejuva Medical Aesthetics, where we help our patients achieve the very best versions of themselves.


Part of a Distinguished Few!

Dr. Kian is honored to be named amongst fellow accomplished Indiana University alumni — where graduates from over 70 departments and programs, including the College of Arts and Sciences, compete for such distinctions. Turns out Indiana University is a big place with some impressive names having graduated! We’re so happy to be a part of it.

Indiana University says “Our graduates have a lot in common. They’re students of creative thinking — of breaking outside the straight and narrow… entrepreneurs… innovators… game changers. And we’re pretty proud of them.”

Rejuva Medical Aesthetics Continues to Change the Game

And We’re VERY proud of Dr. Kain. Changing the game is what we always aim to do at Rejuva Medical Aesthetics. We incorporate cutting-edge technology, artful technique, and compassionate care into everything we do. We also create a comfortable ambience where all our attention is put upon you, the patient.

Dr. Kian will do his part as Indiana University’s College of Arts and Sciences Second Annual list of accomplished young alumni, but he’ll never let the accolades go to his head. It’s still all about the work.

Learn More About Indiana University’s “20 Under 40” List

Care to learn more? There’s a new issue of The College Magazine which is now live! View the issue in its entirety here:
Take a closer look at Indiana University’s “20 Under 40” feature here:

Dr. Kian is absolutely thrilled to be a chosen among such talented alumni. We’ll enjoy our quick moment in the spotlight for second… okay, we’re done. Let’s put the focus back on you.

More on Rejuva Medical Aesthetics

If you feel like you can benefit from our extensive suite of treatments and services, contact us today. Rejuva Medical Aesthetics a premier cosmetic surgical and aesthetic center providing our patients with the most up-to-date procedures and treatments available. We can correct, enhance, and revitalize the appearance of patients in our Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Brentwood communities and beyond!