Back in the ancient times, Romans highly valued baths, which might have something to do with the term “SPA” being an acronym for “Sanum Per Aqua” (Latin: Health Through Water). Health is fluid, just like water, which also means that so are our appearances.

The idea that you can reinvigorate yourself is nothing new. We do it through trend diets, through healthy living and maybe an age-defying product or practice or two. But there are additional treatments available that will leave you looking younger and revitalized.

Cosmetic, minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures can often be virtually pain-free, designed to bring out the inner amazing in you. Rejuva Medical Aesthetics treatments boost beauty and self-esteem, setting our patients up to achieve their aesthetic enhancement goals.

At Rejuva Medical Aesthetics, we’re no stranger to helping our patients improve their overall appearance with state-of-the-art technology and methods, like laser skin resurfacing, face and body sculpting, injectables, dermal fillers, and more.

It’s a Tranquil Environment

Think of us as your guide when it comes to all things skin and beauty. We’ll custom-tailor a skincare treatment plan that is designed to meet your specific needs and goals. We always provide a calm, soothing environment, where everyone is here to put the focus on you. We pamper our patients, providing a relaxing and pleasant ambience where all the stress melts away.

Treatments are FDA-Approved

To help our clients alleviate any stress, we utilize non-surgical treatments in addition to plastic surgery. We offer FDA-approved dermal fillers which revitalize the skin. Everything we do is tested — many of our staff take advantage of the same revitalizing treatments as our patients.

We’re All Doctors Here

Kian Karimi, MD, FACS, and Chester Griffiths, MD, FACS, are both double board-certified plastic surgeons who have addressed a need for our patients living in and around Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Brentwood, CA. We’re here for people who want options when it comes to looking younger and feeling better.

Treatments are Quick and Generally Pain-Free

Rejuva Medical Aesthetics procedures prove ideal for patients who want to feel revitalized, gaining a more youthful-looking appearance in the process. Many would like to see improvements in their complexion and in other problem areas without undergoing cumbersome surgical procedures. Benefits of our aesthetic enhancement treatments include:

  • No Downtime, Quick Recovery
  • Easy, In-office Treatments
  • No Pain, No Discomfort

Anyone Can Benefit from Treatments by Rejuva

Anyone out there wanting to improve signs of aging and minor skin imperfections can look and feel younger through our customized treatment plans. No two patients are the same, so no two approaches are the same. Through any one of our treatments or a combination of treatments, we’ll get you to the ideal you. Contact Rejuva Medical Aesthetics today to learn more about our amazing treatments designed to meet your level of comfort.